Wisdom is the correct way of examining a situation, giving the right judgment and creating positive thinking. Wisdom is to foresee how things may likely be in the future and plan toward it so as to bring positive results and prevent future failures or misfortunes.

Wisdom is such a rare virtue, everyone needs it, but a few people have it.

Nowadays, people use the word ‘smart’ to qualify someone who knows how to cheat, outwit, deceive or defraud others to achieve an end. They believe that a smart person is a wise person.

Anyone who engages in sharp practices at their workplace is also regarded as a wise employee.

But, the truth in a general sense based on life experiences is that cheating, deceitfulness and fraudulent acts had landed many so called smart people in jail or put them in bad situations.

Smartness is not in deceptive act because deceitfulness will later throw a mischievous individual into the pit of disgrace, disrepute, humiliation, dishonour and guilt. Many left their jobs in disgrace because of their dishonourable actions.

A wise person thinks of future consequences of an action before embarking on it. This is exactly what a smart person should do.

Cheating others in the name of ‘smartness’ is not wisdom, it is an inappropriate use of the intellect because evil will come back to the doer sooner or later. Lots of internet fraudsters, scammers and wrong doers died young in disgrace. Others are regretting their actions behind bars. 

Rasheed Olayemi

Rasheed Olayemi was born in Lagos, Nigeria into the family of a business magnate, late Alhaj Chief Mustapha Temitope Lasisi. He is a teacher. He has taught in private schools in Abeokuta and Lagos for over a decade as well as manifold extramural classes. He has a great deal of experience in teaching. He is also an author. He writes poetry, prose, and dramas. Olayemi is the author of Poetry for the Rightful Thinkers published by Trafford Publishing, Bloomington, IN, USA. The book won The Gold Seal Of Literary Excellence Award after a meaningful review by The US Review of Books in 2014. He is also the author of Poetry On Moral Values published by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, Houston, Texas, USA. Some of the short stories he authored were The Regrets of Omotolu & The Illegitimate King published by Smashwords & Amazon, MATOWO (a Yoruba language short stories) published by Evans (Brothers) Publishers, Nigeria. In July 2013 he attended the International Education And Resource Network (IEARN) Conference held in Doha, Qatar. He had worked in Dubai, UAE for a few years.

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