This is a world

In which only its creator is without a blemish,

Flaw or other imperfection

No human being has a trait of perfection

Our creator fashioned each person

With His own wisdom

He had predestined what will happen

To every living soul

The ugly persons and the physically attractive people

Were all fashioned by God

The poor, middle class and upper class

Were the great doings of God

The sick and the hale

All come from God

The brilliant ones and the dullard

The wise and the unwitting

People from noble family and the nonentity

Introvert and extrovert

Weak and strong

Sluggish and agile

The Gems and their followers

These are all the doings of God

Making a joking or mocking remark

Due to any imperfection/impairment

In any part(s) of other person’s body

Or because they couldn’t succeed

In their endeavours/career

Or because they couldn’t achieve

All the things their peers have got

Or someone whose marriage suddenly crashed

In an act of inconsideration

An ignoble act indeed

Done by individuals who have low character

Those who couldn’t contemplate

The realities of life

If a lame man could make himself walk

He would have made his legs walk properly

If a blind man could make himself see

He wouldn’t have been disabled by blindness

Never make jest of others

For any reasons(s) whatsoever

Don’t imitate/mock a stammerer, lame man or imbecile

Don’t ridicule your classmate

Because you performed better than them

Don’t insult a junior worker

During the process of acquiring skills at work

Don’t mock a mendicant, sickler, needy, job seeker, lunatic

Never crack a joke

At someone’s expense

Particularly someone in difficulties

Don’t call them a nickname

That would make them brood

Our creator can change

Any condition at any time

Some people suffered from certain ailments for long

And were later healed

After all you don’t know what will happen to you too

A long time to come

A beggar today, can become a giver tomorrow

And this will become a great shock and shame to mockers

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Rasheed Olayemi

Rasheed Olayemi was born in Lagos, Nigeria into the family of a business magnate, late Alhaj Chief Mustapha Temitope Lasisi. He is a teacher. He has taught in private schools in Abeokuta and Lagos for over a decade as well as manifold extramural classes. He has a great deal of experience in teaching. He is also an author. He writes poetry, prose, and dramas. Olayemi is the author of Poetry for the Rightful Thinkers published by Trafford Publishing, Bloomington, IN, USA. The book won The Gold Seal Of Literary Excellence Award after a meaningful review by The US Review of Books in 2014. He is also the author of Poetry On Moral Values published by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, Houston, Texas, USA. Some of the short stories he authored were The Regrets of Omotolu & The Illegitimate King published by Smashwords & Amazon, MATOWO (a Yoruba language short stories) published by Evans (Brothers) Publishers, Nigeria. In July 2013 he attended the International Education And Resource Network (IEARN) Conference held in Doha, Qatar. He had worked in Dubai, UAE for a few years.

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