To avoid outside distractions while learning is taking place

And provide an arena that facilitates purposeful learning

The schoolroom popularly known as classroom is created

As it allows for physical interactions with teachers and peers

Students learn well when their classroom

Is conducive, serene and supportive

Spaciousness, good ventilation, flexible seating and firm discipline

Make a classroom effective

A good classroom environment

Makes students feel a sense of belonging, comfortable

And creates favourable mood for them

It allows them to trust others and ask questions

In the classroom, a student shouldn’t

Make fun of other learners

Lose their temper and self-control

Patience, attentiveness and a good rapport with classmates/coursemates

Are virtues expected of a pupil who’s willing to be successful

Both in intracurricular and extracurricular activities

Coming late to the classroom

Makes a student unable to catch up

Such student often fails to keep pace with others

To make a classroom effective,

Students need to actively take part in discussions,

Experiments and group works

These widen their skills and knowledge

Independent practice is also a vital act

That allows each student to carry out tasks

On their own to acquire knowledge

Mostly, learning is student-led in the classroom

Therefore, an inattentive, docile and rude student cannot succeed

Offering praise whenever a student performs well

Entices them and learners alike to work harder

Use of foul language should be prohibited in a classroom

Good words build friendliness and a peaceful learning environment

Friendliness makes learning easier

The class rules should be well-stated

And placed on the wall

A classroom should be like a family gathering

Where learners feel happy, joyful and enthusiastic

To meet and learn from their teachers/tutors and peers

This doesn’t mean a teacher shouldn’t punish any students who misbehave

But the focus should be

Cordiality makes learning achievable

Rasheed Olayemi

Rasheed Olayemi was born in Lagos, Nigeria into the family of a business magnate, late Alhaj Chief Mustapha Temitope Lasisi. He is a teacher. He has taught in private schools in Abeokuta and Lagos for over a decade as well as manifold extramural classes. He has a great deal of experience in teaching. He is also an author. He writes poetry, prose, and dramas. Olayemi is the author of Poetry for the Rightful Thinkers published by Trafford Publishing, Bloomington, IN, USA. The book won The Gold Seal Of Literary Excellence Award after a meaningful review by The US Review of Books in 2014. He is also the author of Poetry On Moral Values published by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, Houston, Texas, USA. Some of the short stories he authored were The Regrets of Omotolu & The Illegitimate King published by Smashwords & Amazon, MATOWO (a Yoruba language short stories) published by Evans (Brothers) Publishers, Nigeria. In July 2013 he attended the International Education And Resource Network (IEARN) Conference held in Doha, Qatar. He had worked in Dubai, UAE for a few years.

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