When an individual

Is concerned chiefly with their own interest

They wouldn’t think of helping others

In the true sense

They wouldn’t care whether

Fellow human beings are ill-treated or not

Or whether someone who works under them

Live happily or not

A selfish man would not

Help their friend to achieve their goal

Because a selfish person failed to contemplate

That it’s only when their friend is comfortable

That opportunities and assistance could come from them

To many other people, including the self-centred person

A skilled but selfish worker

Wouldn’t enable their organisation to grow

Owing to the fact that

Duties would be left undone or delayed

Whenever they’re absent just because

They didn’t share their knowledge and experience

With fellow employees

When an individual is engrossed in personal interest

They always want to take centre stage in gatherings

And by so doing they hurt other people

And damage their reputation

They ignore useful ideas given by others

They achieve their aims and targets

At the expense of others

In soccer, a selfish footballer

Can prevent his/her team from winning a trophy during a final match

If they refuses to pass the ball

To a better-positioned teammate

Who can score a winning goal

Selfishness is inconsiderate

Egocentrism can ruin a relationship

People resent a selfish person

Selfishness obstructs the growth

And success of a nation

Because a talented inventor would be denied

An opportunity to showcase

Their inborn prowess and inventions

Which could bring glory to a nation

NOTE: I need Traditional Publisher/Press/magazines to publish my eclectic poetry collection.

Please order my books to encourage me.


Rasheed Olayemi

Rasheed Olayemi was born in Lagos, Nigeria into the family of a business magnate, late Alhaj Chief Mustapha Temitope Lasisi. He is a teacher. He has taught in private schools in Abeokuta and Lagos for over a decade as well as manifold extramural classes. He has a great deal of experience in teaching. He is also an author. He writes poetry, prose, and dramas. Olayemi is the author of Poetry for the Rightful Thinkers published by Trafford Publishing, Bloomington, IN, USA. The book won The Gold Seal Of Literary Excellence Award after a meaningful review by The US Review of Books in 2014. He is also the author of Poetry On Moral Values published by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, Houston, Texas, USA. Some of the short stories he authored were The Regrets of Omotolu & The Illegitimate King published by Smashwords & Amazon, MATOWO (a Yoruba language short stories) published by Evans (Brothers) Publishers, Nigeria. In July 2013 he attended the International Education And Resource Network (IEARN) Conference held in Doha, Qatar. He had worked in Dubai, UAE for a few years.

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