Ants are invertebrates with wings and segmented bodies

They live inside the ant colony

The queen is the biggest and the leader

And its main function is for reproduction

A colony of ants may have more than one queens

The female ants known as workers protect the eggs laid by the queen

The soldiers protect the colony by stinging invaders for defense

And whenever there’s an external attack

The ants do protect their queen

Each of the ants has a specific role to play

And they handle their roles effectively

In spite of not having well developed intellect

The ants exhibit a well-defined and laudable organisational structure

By discharging their duties effective and efficiently

They display true patriotism, diligence, honesty and selfless services

There are lessons to learn from these social insects

As we can deduce from their well-organised colony

If every member of human society

Endeavour to work together selflessly and diligently

There shall be no disruption and disorganisation

Which have now led to restiveness in human world

A close observation of the ant hill

Gives an insight into how some lower animals

Are capable of building, managing and maintaining

A reasonable level of hitch-free

Coordination and organisational structure

Within their community

NOTE: I need Traditional Publisher/Press/magazines to publish my eclectic poetry collection.


Rasheed Olayemi

Rasheed Olayemi was born in Lagos, Nigeria into the family of a business magnate, late Alhaj Chief Mustapha Temitope Lasisi. He is a teacher. He has taught in private schools in Abeokuta and Lagos for over a decade as well as manifold extramural classes. He has a great deal of experience in teaching. He is also an author. He writes poetry, prose, and dramas. Olayemi is the author of Poetry for the Rightful Thinkers published by Trafford Publishing, Bloomington, IN, USA. The book won The Gold Seal Of Literary Excellence Award after a meaningful review by The US Review of Books in 2014. He is also the author of Poetry On Moral Values published by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, Houston, Texas, USA. Some of the short stories he authored were The Regrets of Omotolu & The Illegitimate King published by Smashwords & Amazon, MATOWO (a Yoruba language short stories) published by Evans (Brothers) Publishers, Nigeria. In July 2013 he attended the International Education And Resource Network (IEARN) Conference held in Doha, Qatar. He had worked in Dubai, UAE for a few years.

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