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Every human being

Desires to be respected by others

We need self-esteem and self-respect

Every human being wants to be accepted

And valued by other people

Everyone dislikes being treated with contempt

Or considered inferior in certain way

No one likes to be looked down upon

A child who respects his/her parents

Has set the foundation of

Successful undertakings in their future endeavours

At home, a wife should respect her husband

As this strengthen the love and cooperation between couples

And creates a balanced and peaceful home

No man wants to marry another man.

At workplace endeavour to be respectful

To your boss and co-workers

As this enhances friendliness and cooperation

And also enables your organisation to grow.

Showing appreciation to anyone who does good to us

Is also a way of being respectful to them

Never disrespect or belittle a poor person

Or someone who is experiencing hard times

Because by doing so

You are trying to add to the sorrow of such individual

If you can’t relieve a person in plight

Never add to their sorrowful conditions

By making them brood

Try to respect everyone by using good utterances.

Certainly, we do not respect

Anyone who downgrades us

And this is why

Respect is said to be reciprocal.

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