The root of success in any undertaking

Is to work tirelessly so as to obtain great accomplishment

No true success can come from

Doing a task haphazardly or without commitment

In order to be dedicated to a goal

One needs to carry out the tasks involved

With total commitment, honesty, focus

And sincerity of purpose

It has been observed and verified

That a student who is dedicated to their studies

Is always studious and serious

He does not joke with his studies

And these lead to achieving academic excellence.

However, a student that is not dedicated to their studies

Cannot contribute to societal growth

Even if such learner owns degrees from reputable institutions

Lack of dedication to studies can render certificates valueless.

An employee that is not dedicated to work

Undermines the progress of the organisation

Positive attitude and punctuality

And doing your work as it should be done

Are some of the ways of showing dedication in a workplace.

Being dedicated to our endeavours has many advantages

Successful organisations have the virtue of dedication

As their cornerstones

The success experienced in any field of human life

Is due to absolute dedication to a particular cause.

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