The ability to be truthful

When entrusted with other people’s money, belongings

Or vital documents

To avoid cheating, scamming and defrauding people

Someone who can be entrusted with things of importance,

Who can be relied on as dependable and honest

Has attained very high moral standards

A peaceable but rare character

 In contemporary times

People rely on promise

Therefore, redeeming your promise

Is the hallmark of a trustworthy individual

Return items you borrow

As this shows that you’re reliable

And careful with other people’s belongings

And enables the lender to be of help next time

Keep private information private

Never divulge the secrets of others

As this helps to maintain

A stable and happy relationship

Be consistent in telling the truth

And don’t be a double-dealer

Nor swindle others

Under the guise of friendship

Don’t be a distrustful person

As this can incite negative feelings

Rejection, rebuke and consequently

Lead to shame, reproach and punishment

Cultivate the habit of truthfulness

In all your worldly affairs

Trustworthiness gives you happiness,

Peaceful mind and glory

It prevents fight, crisis, imprisonment,

Sudden termination of appointment at work

And so many troubles associated

With acts of untruthfulness

Trustworthiness brings joy to our homes,

Love to interpersonal relationship

Harmony to our Places of work

Progress to our community

And success to the society

Even a fraudster would also prefer

To give his project

To a truthful person


Nowadays, the virtue of trustworthiness

Is rare among people

And this is why there are problems

All over the world

 Trustworthiness is a moral quality

That can solve numerous calamities in the world

At present and in the future

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