Refusing to do what one is told

Not being submissive to elders or authority

Deliberately ignoring one’s duties

Neglecting warnings, laws and orders

Being defiant when one

Is expected to be docile

Failure to follow stated rules

Are acts that had

Destroyed the lives of many people

And also put some in dangerous situations.

According to history

The first sin that was committed

By humans is disobedience

This occurred between Adam and Eve

And unfortunately, for this reason

They were driven out

Of the garden of comfort

Where they didn’t labour or suffer

Before they got food and drinks

To the earth that is full of hustle and bustle

Where they had to toil and work hard

Before they could get their daily bread

This scenario clearly shows

That acts of disobedience

Begets troubles and sorrow

A disobedient child

Confronts awful situations always

A disobedient wife

Makes her marriage hits the rocks

A disobedient employee

May lose their job unnoticed

A disobedient student

Can never excel

A disobedient driver

Often pays fines on the road

Disobedience attracts severe punishment

Some people encounter difficulties today

Because they had failed

To obey simple instructions yesterday

Failure to obey today

Can bring on

Failure to succeed tomorrow

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