Human beings have limited time

To spend on earth

Therefore, we need to plan ahead

To target a goal

To aim at whatever we want to be

And strive to achieve it

With strength, valour and strategies

Prayer is also a key factor

That enables our vision come to pass.

The pathway to great accomplishment

Is rough, thorny, strenuous

But it is better to go through

The rigours than die a coward

Without any remarkable achievements

At tottering age

A child that doesn’t want to fall

While learning how to walk

Will not overcome the barrier of crawling

A decision to confront obstacles

On the way to success

Is a worthwhile decision

Be brave, courageous and highly determined

To achieve your positive goals

Great things cannot be acquired

On a silver platter

The heroes and heroines of yesterday

Do not shy away from the challenges

That came their ways

And for this reason they become heroes in history

If the road is smooth

Consider the destination

If the destination is sweet

Be ready to confront the awful challenges.

On the rough road leading to success

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