An essential yardstick

For measuring human morality

Is by exercising patience

During certain situations, conditions, struggles

Instances and circumstances that warrant it

Patience is required in times of

Little or no resources,

Ailment, adversity and misfortune

A patient child eats and wears

Whatever their parent(s) can afford

And continues to pray for them

A wife is expected to be patient

When her husband is (flat) broke

Or during hardships of any kind

She shouldn’t disrespect or desert him

But rather, she should continue to support and pray for him

For a better tomorrow

A patient spinster marries a man

Not for his riches/luxuries

But because of true love, care

And a positive attitude toward life

Even if her suitor come

From an impoverished family

Something that brings sorrow today

May turnaround to become

A source of great elation tomorrow

When we exercise patience 

 Always exercise patience

During any unfavourable conditions

Because it is by doing so

That you would regain/recover

Things that had been lost

In a multitude of ways

Lack of patience can cause a broken home

Lack of patience had led to the shut-down of a venture

Lack of patience had affected some people’s careers.

The agonies of impatience are more painful

The benefits of patience are innumerable.

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