A wise way of living

Is to plan for a better future

For yourself, your family, your community,

And the world at large

Look beyond the horizon

Work on goals

That will better your lot in future

An opportunity that is readily available today

May become scarce/unrealisable tomorrow

But whatever you can make out of it today

Will be something to fall back on later in life

What do you do with the huge profits

You make daily in your business?

Do you think every business flourishes forever?

Your father’s wealth may vanish

When he passes away

Why not endeavour to build yours

Through diligence, morality and financial discipline

Don t waste any opportunity

It may not come your way again

Remember that as you grow older

The veins, muscles and organs

Which give strength become weak

Ability to run up and down

To struggle through life

Becomes drastically reduced

Whatever you make with your energy now

Becomes your source of income and welfare

Every man for himself

If today is so sweet

 Think of tomorrow

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