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A significant way of achieving success

In learning process in the school

While learning a craft or trade

Or during certain training in a workshop

And which also helps humans

In individual development

So as to achieve an objective/goal

Is to be willing to accept corrections

And adopting corrective actions

To make things right

A significant character that makes you

Improve on whatever you’re taught

And also lets you know

How to change your

Inaccurate notions in any learning process

Incorrect approach to solving a problem in classroom

Is by leaving your previous mistakes

And adhering to the correction that had been spelt out

By a teacher, tutor, trainer, instructor and the like

In school, apart from some other reasons

 Students perform woefully

Mainly because they had failed to take to correction

They tend to repeat their previous mistakes

In subsequent class work, assessment test and exam

A child that is willing to be useful

To his family and the society in the future

Must always be ready to take to correction

Whenever he is corrected by elders

And this should not be done reluctantly or cheerlessly

 But with a sincere heart

Doing so will develop a sound moral rectitude in him

And make him a promising child

That will bring positive changes to his family

Community, society and his nation

Endeavour to take to genuine correction

As this makes you change for the better

Leave the wrong idea and

Adhere to the right notion

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