Telling lies about someone else

Behind their back

Telling untrue stories

About an innocent person

To tarnish their reputation

Creating bad image of such person

In the minds of people

Maligning someone else

Are forms of character assassination

That had contributed

No small amount

To the fight, rancour, grudges, malice

And absence of love among mankind

Cooking up a lie about an individual

Has an enormous negative impact

In the minds of listeners

And this explains why

Only a very few people

Would try to verify

The authenticity of such saying

Many would rather ingest the fallacy

And have believe in it

And go as far as to

Bringing up negative reactions

They belittle and degrade 

The person in question

Slandering is an evil act

That exists among friends, neighbours,

At workplace, family groups

In a community and political circles

It destroys public confidence in the victim

Slandering is an arrow

Targeted to hit and change people’s mind

Thereby, turning love to hate

Friend to foe

Politeness to animosity

Cordiality to constraint

Slandering is a great sin

It brings disunity to human society

A murderer and a slanderer

Have something in common

One kills a soul

While the other kills human reputation

 Slandering can never promote harmony

Desist from it

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