Food is highly essential

To the body system

All living creatures,

Humans and lower animals

Compulsorily need food to survive

Without food, the body system

Would not function properly

Without food, the body would be feeble

And this leads to absence of

Strength and energy

 To carry out our daily activities

Each type of food

Performs certain function(s)

That keeps the body in proper shape

Nutritious food improves the body metabolism

And keeps the body in good condition

Junk food hampers the body system

And can also cause ill health

Adopt hygienic methods

When preparing your food

Always eat good food

Not necessarily expensive food items

 Hence; a balanced diet

 Some of the diseases that affect man

Are caused by food intake

Don’t ever put anything in your mouth

In the name of food

Avoid any food that

Endangers your health

Always eat hygienic meals

To keep your body healthy always

Hygienic food enriches the body system

No food, no life.

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