In our daily lives

We make mistakes or wrong others

During different activities

At home, school, workplace,

Marketplace, sports ground

Even in the general public

We make mistakes

Because all humans are imperfect

Only God is infallible

To err is human

But when we tender an abject apology

In the right place, at the right time

This erases ill feeling

 From the mind of

The person that was offended

Saying sorry soberly

Can resolve an issue totally

But it is bad

To deliberately or intentionally

Do a wrong deed

Thinking that you will apologise afterwards

Remember that some are unforgiving persons

They may forgive by words of their mouths

And retain animosity in their hearts

Try to avoid things that can

Lead to issues, arguments and quarrels

And whenever there is one

Try to apologise and reconcile

If you’re at fault

Without a delay

Afterwards, do good deeds to the person

That had been offended

As this will help

To erase bad thoughts

Let your words and actions

Show that you’re truly sorry

Avoid repeating such mistake(s)

A pigheaded offender

Makes situations more difficult for himself

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